How I Work

Let me help you… use plastic the best way possible

A while ago a colleague said to me that I was such a good salesman that I could “sell sand in the Sahara Desert”. Even though I knew he meant it as a compliment I was a bit offended by that statement, because I would never attempt to sell sand in the Sahara Desert…

I would never even try to sell anything to a person, which he or she wouldn’t need.

What makes me a good salesman is that I really care about understanding the need of a customer, and then offering solutions that fits exactly to that need.

That is the same approach I have with Altha

“I want to make a positive impact on your company/business, by using my knowledge, creativity and network.”

Maybe you know exactly what you need, and then I will do my utmost to see if I can fulfill that need.

Maybe you just know you have a problem or challenge, but you cannot be 100% specific on your need, and then we can have a discussion on how I can help you.

I have a very versatile background, so I will be able to help you in many ways, but if I cannot help you in a particular situation, then I will try to find someone in my extensive network that can help you.