About me

Let me help you… use plastic the best way possible

I am a Master of Science in Chemical engineering, and I have worked with plastic/polymers for more than 20 years.

As you can see below, I have worked with various processing technologies, and I have an extensive knowledge on the different polymers and the additives/fillers that can be used to modify them.

In the latest years, I have worked a lot with sustainability and composites (fillers and additives in polymers).

Besides my engineering degree, I have a Bachelor in Marketing management and an executive MBA in Technology/innovation management.

My strength is exactly that I can balance my commercial understanding of market and innovation with my knowledge of technology, and I get highly motivated by using this to build business.

I would be very happy to use my passion for innovation together with my knowledge of technology to help you use plastic… the best way possible.

Working experience since 1997:

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1997–2002: FiberVisions A/S

Technical Manager and Account Manager - R&D and sales/account management - Fiber spinning and related technologies

2002–2003: Kunststof Kemi A/S

Laboratory Manager - Leading the laboratory including R&D - Compounding, masterbatches, polymers, pigments and additives

2003–2004: Arburg A/S

Account Manager - Sales and account management - Injection moulding machines

2004–2007: Color System A/S (part of Primo)

Strategic Business Unit Manager - Leading the company including R&D and sales - Master batches and Compounds

2007–2016: LEGO System A/S

Senior project manager - Material and process development - Plastic, additives, bio-polymers and injection moulding

2016–2017: VELUX A/S

Senior material specialist - Material and process development and project management - Plastic, additives and extrusion